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Russisch Privatunterricht mit Muttersprachlerin Yulia in Zürich

Mai 7, 2021
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Geschlecht: Weiblich
Nationalität: Russisch
Gratis Probestunde (Dauer der Probestunde 45 Min.): Ja
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Russisch Einzelunterricht in Zürich mit Yulia

Привет! Hi! I am Yulia (Юлия) and my mission is to show you that YOU ARE ABLE to learn RUSSIAN language without stress and 3x faster!

Face-to-face lessons in Zurich and Online in Switzerland!

I will explain you all russian grammar in your native language: English or German!

3 Ms that will define your progress in Russian are: Motivation, Methodology and Meaning. Motivation comes from you and Methodology and Meaningful lesson content are guaranteed by me!

Here are 8 facts that you need to know about me as a teacher and as a person:

  1. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia.
  2. Teaching diploma and Master's in project management
  3. 8 years of teaching experience
  4. In 2013 left well-paid job in a bank to follow my dream to teach and spread the knowledge!
  5. International experience: 7 years in Brazil
  6. Own method of teaching russian "iRusso Transformation" that helped 3000+ of students in Brazil to learn my native language
  7. I feel at home anywhere in the world as I think in 4 languages at the same time (Russian, English, Portuguese and German)
  8. "Every new language is the new vision of life" - it's my favourite quote and I guarantee you that learning russian will give you alternative way of thinking!


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