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Englisch lernen mit Tim in Vogelsang-Gebenstorf bei Turgi

Januar 16, 2019
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Geschlecht: Männlich
Nationalität: Amerikanisch
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ich bin Englisch Lehrer aus den USA. Ich bin ein ausgebildeter Englisch Lehrer (Englisch als Fremdsprache) mit 15 Jahren Erfahrung im Umterrichten in der Schweiz, London, Mexiko, Kuwait und auf den Marshallinseln.

Ich habe ein Unterrichtszimmer in meinem Haus in Vogelsang, nur 5 Minuten von dem Bahnhof entfernt.


I went to the state university at Geneseo, New York and graduated with a B.A. in History and Secondary Education with a concentration in Geography.  I also did my master's degree in (upstate) Geneseo, NY & I have a B.S in Reading Education. I hold 4 permanent teaching certificates as a Primary School Teacher (Nursery School to 6th grade), Secondary Social Studies teacher (grades 7-12), Reading Teacher (Nursery School to 12th grade) and I have a CELTA teaching certificate from Cambridge to teach English as a foreign language.

I really enjoy teaching and have had a lot of experience over the last 15 years preparing students to take internationally recognized examinations such as Cambridge Business & normal track. I work mostly in firms and the majority of my students want to focus on "speaking." They want to speak about various interesting topics and they want to be corrected by a native speaker.  However, to prepare for Cambridge examinations the students also have to develop their reading, writing, listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary/expressions skills.  It is also important to laugh and have fun when learning English.

I live very close to Turgi train station which is just 5 min in both directions to Brugg & Baden.  I have a classroom in our house.

At the start of my professional career, I taught history in upstate New York near Rochester and then I left the US and started teaching in American and International Schools in Mexico, the Marshall Islands, Kuwait, London and Switzerland.  When our children were just babies 15 years ago, I started teaching for language schools mostly in nearby firms and at home with private students. Now that our children are older, I am able to travel and teach English in other places as well as at our home in Vogelsang.

In class I concentrate on speaking, listening comprehension, grammar & vocabulary/expressions in addition to giving writing feedback on the computer.  However, students are expected to do reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary & expressions practice outside of class. They are also encouraged to find and regularly do entertaining listening comprehension and English video activities outside of class.

My classes are effective, interesting, student-centered, measurable, organized and fun. I also have a B2 German language TELC certificate and I know all of the typical translation mistakes that happen with students who think in German and speak in English.

Kindest Regards,




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